Hey, I'm Zach. I am a software engineer at Modern Message with deep interests in systems and security.

Inventory Web Application

At one of my internships we had a database that held records for all the computer systems and software that they owned. The front-end interface that we used to access this database was not easy to use or to look at. My project was to redesign this interface to make it more usable.

I began the project by doing research on what sort of software could be used to make the interface more robust yet keep the code base small and maintainable. I decided on a PHP framework called CakePHP because it is easy to use and very powerful. This framework helped interface with the database and create the content that was required. I used Twitter Bootstrap, a front-end framework, for the design and interface that is actually displayed to the user. To summarize, I restructured the underlying database, created a maintainable code base, and redesigned the interface seen in a browser.

This project was an excellent experience for me. I furthered my skills in web programming and design. This was my first time using a framework to build my code on. It made it easier for me to worry about the design aspects and less about the technical details. I gained experience in general as a developer because I was working on a business-critical application.