Hey, I'm Zach. I am a software engineer at Modern Message with deep interests in systems and security.

My Portfolio Site

I created this brand new portfolio for my portfolio class during my senior year. I was using Wordpress before but it required too much maintenance and required me to host it myself. Instead, I have gone with the Jekyll static blog engine hosted on GitHub Pages.

I chose Jekyll because I can write blog posts and pages in Markdown or HTML, depending on what I need. It has a templating language which allows me to write loops and basic logic for portfolio site. I used the Foundation front-end framework because I had never used it before and it’s very customizable. GitHub Pages is free hosting provided by GitHub. It gets the content from a GitHub repository which is very convenient.

In addition, I have placed my portfolio site behind Cloudflare which allows caching, optimization, and high availability.

The source is available here.