Hey, I'm Zach. I am a software engineer at Modern Message with deep interests in systems and security.

Senior Design Project


Lighthouse is a Workiva-sponsored, open source software project. Lighthouse provides a solution for managing deployments of Docker containers to an organization’s cloud infrastructure. Lighthouse can be used by developers and operations to easily see what Docker images are available and what hosts containers can be deployed to.

My role on my senior design team is Key Concept Holder. This means I keep track of key ideas in the group and understand the concepts that the project is working with. So far I have made contributions to several aspects of the design, project plan, and mockup interfaces.

Lighthouse uses the Go language, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and Docker. The project’s site is here where weekly reports and other documents can be found.

Our team believes we can create a product that is easy-to-use, secure, and useful. Management of Docker infrastructure is still fairly clunky right now so we hope to alleviate some of these problems for organizations using Docker.